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Dmexco: a glimpse of the future.

19 September 2016

A gathering of digital experts

We recently had the pleasure of visiting and exhibiting at the dmexco fair. It really was the perfect opportunity to gain useful insights in the latest and future trends of digital marketing. Of course, we also took the opportunity to present folders.eu to our fellow digital marketeers.

The guys from Datatrics were also present to help give a complete view of the services we provide. This fitting partnership allows us to bring together intuitive software and unique data capture methods.

Our slogan is “We predict what you need to publish next”. With our platform, every publisher is ready for the future. Our message caught the attention of many attendees and after a simple demonstration by our team, it immediately became clear how we can help them.

dmexco is huge!

Nearly half of the Koelnmesse halls were rented out to dmexco and that was necessary. Over 50,000 visitors, 1,000 exhibitors and 15 stages made dmexco the biggest gathering of online marketeers in the world.

The biggest digital marketeers of the world

Both the most innovative start-ups and the biggest players in the digital world were present at dmexco. This makes for an interesting stroll down all the aisles. For example: you can opt to gain inspiration from the enthusiastic exhibitors that still have to prove their worth. Or you can let yourself be blown away by the impressive booths of the big boys.

Yet, everyone seemed to agree that Adobe, Google and Twitter had the most interesting booths.


Nonetheless, every exhibitor tries to impress the passersby, each in its own unique way.

World class conferences

As if that wasn’t enough, you could also visit one of the many world class conferences. You could find all the top speakers there from: Facebook, Google, Spotify, Twitter, VICE Media, AOL, Nestlé, Yahoo, Microsoft, Uber, Snapchat, … They all came to share their fresh look on the past – present and future of digital marketing.

Ad blockers

The subject of ad blockers was of course brought up during dmexco. Last week, AdBlock Plus announced a new business model: they’re going to distinguish “good” ads from “bad” ads.

AdBlock Plus tried putting this into perspective for the dmexco visitors.

The ad-blocker also hired three actors—two wearing masks that were distinguished as “bad ads” and one [carrying a fishnet] (red.)—to walk around outside of the conference to show attendees how the company’s software “catches” bad ads. – Adweek.com

This concept gets recognition at the Coalition for Better Ads. They are striving for a new global standard in online advertising that makes ads “fun for the user”, “profitable for the publisher” and “targeted to the right audience”.

Ben Barokas from Sourcepoint has his own opinion about this subject, watch him explain his proposition in this video.

Should we block ad blockers?

We at Netmedia Europe are aware of the rising popularity of ad blockers. This is why we’ve shifted our attention to providing relevant content to our users by alternative means. One of our solutions has already been picked up by various data-focused media in Belgium; you can find an article about “Boxes” here, written by @Datanews_nl.

All in all, a very rich experience

Dmexco was a barrage of fun, new and interesting ideas. The experiences we had on the exhibition floor and the insights we gained from the many conference talks exposed us to an incredible amount of new things. Our minds are racing and several new ideas are already in the exploration stage. Dmexco keeps us on top of the game and helps us provide the best possible online publishing platform.