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Digital brochure versus paper brochure

Digital brochure versus paper brochure

Print has been under strong pressure for several years, and now it is the turn of the brochure. The use of apps to read your favourite brochures online is increasing substantially every year. Especially the use by 20-49 year-olds is growing strongly. Why is this?

The digital brochure has a number of strong advantages:

  • Brochures can be consulted anytime and anywhere.
  • Direct links to your webshop on individual articles in your brochure: no problem!
  • Providers of digital brochures can add both image and sound to their brochures.
  • The consumer can compare products even more easily.
  • Analyse reading behaviour: views, clicks, online sales… everything can be used to get to know the consumer better.
  • Relevant content: thanks to data analyses of the reading behaviour, people only receive the promotions they are actually interested in.
  • External factors such as ‘the weather’ can be used to offer the right promotion at the right time.
  • Flyers can be shared with friends and family on social media very quickly and easily.
  • The mailbox is not as full

A very large group of readers of online brochures say that the environmental aspect is a very important persuasive factor. Much less paper wastage!

Who reads mainly digitally?

About 45% of the online brochure readers are between 18 and 35 years old. Almost 58% of the readers are also higher educated.

Not only the consumer benefits from the use of digital brochures, companies can also enjoy a host of advantages.

Direct links in the digital advertising brochure lead to many more website and webshop visitors and thus to higher sales figures. Digital and paper advertising folders complement each other. You can reach your target group more through different channels, which increases the impact and effectiveness of your brochure. As mentioned before, you can learn a lot from the reading behaviour of your target group and offer communication that better suits the person you want to reach.

Will paper disappear entirely?

No, studies show that there are still strong advantages in using print versions. For example, physical matter is still seen as ‘authentic’ by the brain and is more easily remembered.

Paper also triggers more emotional responses in the brain, which is important for memory and brand associations.

However, digital brochures can be consulted anywhere and with any (mobile) device. This way, you can still influence the consumer during the buying process, even far beyond your distribution area.

Online also gives you the opportunity to distribute your brochure to those who are interested.


The growth in the use of digital folders continues but will probably never completely push the paper version off the market. In fact, they can complement each other very well and can therefore be used together.

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