Centrum Zuid 1527d, BE-3530 Houthalen
Centrum Zuid 1527d, BE-3530 Houthalen
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93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. We personally help our clients to understand their SEO and Analytics results, and we make it our mission to optimize these results for the best possible outcome.
Data will talk to you, if you’re willing to listen. We collect the necessary results from your publications for you with pleasure. By the use of UTM-tags, you can even track your results on your own in your own Google Analytics.
Reading behaviour analysis
Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion. Thanks to our reading behavior analysis you discover how your publication is being read, and on top of that, more insights in client needs.
Data will talk to you, if you’re willing to listen. By adding interactive elements you can increase engagement, leads and sales with your publications. With reading behavior analyses and heatmaps you get more insight in the behavior of your readers, and so you can keep optimizing your folders. Thanks to the HML5-technology, the e-viewer can be opened on every device.
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