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Predictive marketing with folders.eu

Predictive marketing with folders.eu

Nowadays, retailers are facing enormous challenges due to digitalisation in their sector. Consumer information plays an important role in this. Discover how one of the most important web pages for a retailer, the online brochure, can provide more insights into consumer behaviour. Thanks to our unique technology, pdf documents are digitised into interactive online publications. The impact of publications has never been bigger!

Create dynamic and interactive pub

Converting offline media to online media to create a wider reach; Via an online platform with e-viewer it is possible to bring publications online quickly and to provide them with interactivity.

The retailer can link the online publications to his own website and share them on social media, thereby greatly increasing the conversion rate.  The online brochure is a unique communication tool that is still being underused to reach consumers online.

Discover how consumers read your brochures

Information about the online behaviour of consumers is a key element for any company to obtain relevant insights. To what extent can a current online publication play a role in this?  There is an unprecedented amount of data to be extracted from an online brochure. When a brochure is opened, the retailer can see which pages are read, how long the reader stays on the page and which items he or she clicks on.

External factors such as location, weather and time are also collected. Retailers can thus discover how publications are read in certain circumstances. This is interesting information that can be used to fine-tune new content.

By analyzing the reading behaviour, it is possible to respond to the needs of the consumer. In this way, it becomes possible to make the marketing activities of any company more relevant!


By offering an optimal online reading experience and then analysing this, the retailer can offer relevant content to its consumers. In this way, one can identify the wishes, needs and desires to create a maximum customer experience.

Online brochures help retailers increase the number of leads to the website, engage their consumers and optimise sales. This is achieved by bringing relevance to online communication.

About folders.eu

folders.eu  is a platform for companies to convert a publication into a beautiful and interactive online publication. We find it important that your publication is relevant for your target group. The publications are available on any device, so consumers can consult them anytime and anywhere. Through these online publications, the platform will collect and analyse data from your readers. This will give you new insights with which you can make your communication to your target group more relevant.

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